Metso engages in collaboration with MIT

Metso has launched collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the top universities in the United States, and has joined its time-honored Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).

According to Metso’s Marko Hakovirta, Vice President, Environment, Quality and Technology, Metso’s strategic goal is to tap into the entire global innovation system. “At the moment, our R&D activities are still concentrated in the Nordic countries, particularly in Finland,” Hakovirta notes.

The ILP enables direct access to research opportunities with MIT researchers. “This is a step forward in the effort to achieve solid, genuine collaboration. For Metso, the research on industrial energy efficiency, which is part of MIT’s Energy Initiative project, is one area of particular interest. The energy efficiency of the machines and equipment we deliver is a significant area of focus in Metso’s R&D work. Energy solutions are a central component of the environmental business, which is part of Metso’s profitable growth strategy,” Hakovirta says.

In addition to research collaboration, the ILP program enables company representatives to participate in workshops and conferences. As necessary, customized training programs can be created to meet company-specific needs.

The Boston-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology is known for its over 70 Nobel Prize winners. Some 200 industry-leading companies from around the world participate in the ILP.

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