Mine manager strikes it rich with $16.6m lottery win

A northern BC miner has hit the proverbial jackpot.

Steve Murphy, a 52-year-old mine manager at Chieftain Metals, won $16.6 million on the Lotto Max draw last week.

Murphy, from Atlin, BC, a gold-mining town with 300 inhabitants, has already quit his job, The Province newspaper reported: "'I was supposed to go back to work Monday. Sorry, Terry,' he said, with a nod to his former boss."'

The life-changing news came while Murphy was watching the Superbowl Sunday at the town's recreation centre.

"I was just finishing my beer and I said [to the man], 'I think I know what that's about,'" said [Murphy's brother in law Shane] Coutts. "The whole town knew in 10 minutes . . . by the time I got home, they were already into my champagne," reported The Province.