Mine purchase and cleanup doesn't please enviro group

The Trench Camp Mine is located adjacent to AZ Mining's Hermosa / Hardshell property, 80km South of Tucson.

A Arizona-based environmental group is not not impressed with AZ Mining's purchase of the 300-acre historic Trench Camp Mine despite a promise to build a water treatment system.

Last month AZ Mining purchased mining claims from the Asarco Multi-State Environmental Custodial Trust. AZ Mining touted the purchase as "greatly enhancing" its existing 154 acres of patented mining claims adjacent to the property.

Last year yellow sludge flowed out of Trench Mine after heavy rains.

AZ Mining, formerly named Wildcat Silver, said it will construct a passive water treatment system estimated to cost US$2.6 million to stop seepage from the 50-year-old underground mine.

The Patagonia Area Resource Alliance says this is the third attempt at remediation at Trench Camp Mine.

“I’m really concerned about the environmental issues that we have with the Trench Mine, and if they’ll actually clean it up,” said Wendy Russell, spokeswoman for the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance in an interview with the Weekly Bulletin.

The group accuses AZ Mining's CEO of failing to clean up past mine sites.

AZ Mining will assume environmental liabilities relating to the Trench Camp site and will be required to post bond.

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