Mining engineer snags job as bus driver

Brett Kolankowski told The that he is delighted to be working as a bus driver after his mining engineering degree from Queens University didn't quite work out.

The Mississauga resident looked for a career in his field, but said jobs were hard to come by within the slumping mining industry.

Kolankowski saw an ad for bus drivers and decided to "give it a shot."

He told the Whigg that he is enjoying the work:

"On my buses I greet everyone," he said. "I wish everyone a nice day and they always say thank you and they always leave with a smile on their faces. It makes such a big difference."

"I couldn't be happier how things turned out," Kolankowski said. "Right now, I am very happy here and I don't see myself leaving in the near future."

Image from Wikipedia. Hat tip, Cooper Quinn