Mining towns dominate list of Australia's richest areas

A list of Australia's richest suburbs and towns compiled on the basis of census statistics indicates that mining towns now dominate amongst the country's most affluent areas.

Although the suburb of Forrest in the Australian capital of Canberra tops the list, the following six spots are held by remote mining towns situated far from any of the major population centers in the country's south-east.

The huge, resource-rich state of Western Australia is especially well represented on the list, with Karratha, Newman, Port Hedlan and South Hedland occupying positions 2 to 5. The mining towns of Moranbah in Queensland and Roxby Downs in South Australia are also amongst the top ten.

The Census Stats blog also notes that the median age of affluent mining areas is only 32 years, around eight years lower than that of Australia's other richest towns and suburbs.

Aside from mining towns, suburbs in Canberra are also heavily represented on the list, due to their high concentrations of well-remunerated public servants.

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