Minova Americas Appoints Engineering Manager, VP of HR As Part of Technology-Service Support Initiative

GEORGETOWN, KY —  Minova Americas, a leading supplier of underground mine consumables and technology in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, today announced appointment of two management-level specialists to contribute to the company's expanded commitment to advancing technology, quality and service initiatives throughout its operations.

Jason Tinsley has been named Midwest Engineering Manager, and Donna Thibault is Vice President of Human Resources.

"Both Jason and Donna bring valuable skills to our operation," said Minova Americas' President Bruce Cassidy. "Their experience and knowledge of the mining industry further support our commitment to providing access to advanced technology solutions and resources that our customers need to stay one step ahead in the marketplace."

Mr. Tinsley holds a Mining Engineering degree from Southern Illinois University, and has expanded and refined his skills as a Mining Engineer and Senior Engineer with Peabody and Prairie State Generating Company mines. "The added perspective of actually having worked underground gives me an understanding of just how our products affect our customers' operations," said Mr. Tinsley.


"I am very aware, for example, that the performance of the solutions we help our customers to create can make a real contribution to their operations. These solutions may affect speed of installation, ease of

installation and safety. It's all about providing the most efficient and safest solutions possible – and many times that means developing new technology and new processes specifically for an individual application."

Among Jason's responsibilities is interfacing with Minova's world-class Research and Development group. "Our R&D team fully supports our field technical objectives," he explained. "This close working relationship ensures that new systems and advancements are thoroughly analyzed for their real-world results and potential. We strive to ensure that our products and service make a real contribution."

Ms. Thibault's Human Resources role enhances the capabilities of the organization by identifying and developing the experience, skills and knowledge the Minova team can bring to solving the field challenges customers face each day.


She explained, "We are proactively developing the systems necessary to support the people who support our customers. Our formalized mentoring and training programs, as well as leadership coaching, will directly contribute to the pioneering of new solutions. We recognize that the way we motivate, challenge, develop and reward our people is fundamental to every aspect of our performance and the opportunities we help customers unlock in the future.

"We are committed," she continued, "to having the finest resources available to our customers, and we will do that by attracting, retaining and enhancing the talent and experience that will contribute to setting Minova apart."

Minova Americas is part of Minova International, a leading supplier of underground mine consumables in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa, India, China and Russia. Its companies can apply over 50 years of accumulated experience in the fields of underground strata and ventilation control as their contribution to safer and more productive mining.