MOGAS Industries announces new President and CEO

HOUSTON – Effective Sept. 14, MOGAS Industries has a new President and Chief Executive Officer in Matthew L. Mogas. At a company meeting today, Chairman V. Louis Mogas announced that Matt Mogas is expanding his role to President and CEO. Louis Mogas will remain as Chairman.

"There are two distinct job descriptions that have been astutely designed for these roles. It is important that the job descriptions complement each other, in such a way as to continue to lead the growth of the company. It is important that these roles augment each other to maximize success," the chairman said.

"The leader, the manager, the head coach of MOGAS Industries as of today is Matthew L. Mogas. The Team owner is Vincent Louis Mogas," he continued.

"Without question, Matt has earned this promotion. He is sharp-minded and has been a large part of the success the company has experienced," Mr. Mogas said as he addressed the staff assembled for the company meeting.

As the new CEO, Matt Mogas is charged with maintaining and advancing two key factors to MOGAS' success:

1.      Significant superiority of product performance

2.      Significant superiority of services provided to customers

The new President and CEO acknowledged that while there has been a transition at the top, the corporation continues to grow and maintain its 36-year reputation as the leading provider of severe service ball valves.


MOGAS enjoys a global reputation as supplier of the world's best severe service ball valves for the most extreme industrial applications selling primarily to power, mining, process and specialty application industries. MOGAS standard metal-seated ball valves range in size from ½-36" and are available in 150-4500# pressure classes. Larger sizes and unique material requirements are available upon request. MOGAS defines severe service as: high temperature (up to 1652°F/907°C), high pressure (up to 30,000 psig), acidic products, abrasive particulates, corrosive media, viscous sludge, lethal services, heavy solids build-up and/or critical plant safety applications.