Moscow seizes 26,000 diamonds from airport passenger

Russian customs officials seized 26,000 diamonds from a citizen returning via the Moscow airport from Dubai, reports Reuters.

The 37-year-old unemployed man was carrying the gems — worth about $162,000 — in transparent plastic bags in his hand luggage when he arrived Sunday at the Sheremetyevo international airport. He tried to pass through customs without declaring the stones of various sizes and colours.

An official detained him for a search when she noticed he was looking "very nervous" while in line.

The man claimed the goods did not belong to him and he was transporting them for a friend.

Officials said they were still considering whether to start a criminal investigation.

Russia requires people to declare items worth more than $13,000 and pay customs fees.

See Russia Today for a video clip of the seized gems and the detained man.

Frontpage image: Facebook