MTI Group releases Solo BlastBag for air-decking and plugging

MTi Group, a manufacturer and distributor of drill and blast consumables to the global mining sector, announces the release of their NEW Solo BlastBag™ borehole plugs. They have transformed not only their look but also the gas bag market by developing the first ever singlehand deployable, 2-speed BlastBag. The fully patented, revolutionary 2-speed aerosol latch is the first of its kind and works in all temperatures from extreme heat to extreme cold.

As the name implies, “Solo” highlights the ability to deploy and use the product with one hand. Simply press the trigger with your thumb to the first indent to activate FAST inflation, or press the trigger to the second indent for SLOW inflation. (If necessary, turn the bag upside down after activating either speed and take advantage of a third or fourth slower speed.) Product marking and branding displays all relevant information pertaining to use, safety and hole size clearly on the outside of every bag. The Solo utilizes the only completely non-flammable, non-toxic aerosol propellant on the market, and is manufactured with a seamless aluminium aerosol can with a pressure rating of 20 Bar (steel can also available).

The Solo is available in eight sizes ranging from 64mm (2.5”) through 351mm (13-7/8”). Custom sizes available upon request. All Bags are manufactured from high quality raw materials and components for unsurpassed field performance. MTi Group is so confident in their NEW Solo BlastBag™ they offer a 2-for-1 exchange if the product does not latch. For more information please contact us at: [email protected] or visit