Nationalization worries and Oppenheimers' exit:'s top stories last week

It is mid-July, the heart of the summer, but there was news to be had. Here are our readers favourite stories last week:

  1. Miners' number one risk: governments taking over mines – Ernst & Young's released their annual survey asking mining executives what keeps them up at night. Unique page views 2,111.
  2. July 6, 2012: The day the Oppenheimers said goodbye to De Beers – The Oppenheimer family is selling its controlling stake in De Beers to Anglo American. Unique page views 2,101.
  3. Mongolia kingmaker: 'Fix' Oyu Tolgoi 'shadow masters' and 'scare to death' Tavan Tolgoi oligarchs – Worrisome words from new legislators in Mongolia about what to do with the country's resource wealth. Unique page views 2,075.
  4. Life at BHP: it's a soup opera – BHP Billiton has set work highly detailed work guidelines for their Perth office staff. Workers are told what size family frames they can keep on their desk and what type of food can and can't be consumed. Unique page views 2,035.
  5. What happened to the plane filled with 16,600 pounds of Barrick's gold condensate? – The Globe and Mail's great story about missing gold cargo in Canada's north. Unique page views 1,865.
  6. Jim Rogers says gold has much further to fall: 'It's normal for corrections to go down 30% or 40%' – Jim Rogers thoughts about gold. Unique page views 1,788.

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