New Classroom for Software Training at Mongolia University of Science and Technology

As announced in a press release, RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has opened a software classroom for mining engineering students at the Mining School at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST). The company sponsored computers and its software for mine planning and scheduling.

“Providing our software and training for the university ensures that the next generation of Mongolian mining engineers has the opportunity to develop international-standard skills to help them throughout their career,” says Yvette Carman, Operations Manager at RPM’s Ulaanbaatar office (Runge LLC).

Students are able to access the classroom and make use of RPM’s industry leading mine planning and scheduling software. RPM’s mine scheduling packages, XPAC and XACT, as well as their financial modeling software; XERAS are available in the classroom.

To further bolster its commitment to developing the future leaders of the mining industry, in the coming months, RPM will provide the lecturers at MUST with full software training and ongoing support from their Ulaanbaatar office.

At the classroom opening, the Honourable Mr. Ochibat (the first President of Mongolia) and Professor Dr. Purev (Director of the School of Mining) gave addresses and were joined with representatives from both the university and RPM to celebrate this joint initiative.

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