New compact GIA Häggloader: a versatile loader for mine drifts

international-mining-logoThe new compact digging arm loader from GIA Industri has been designed for 7 m2 cross-section tunnels and offers the option of electric or diesel power. Designed to operate in tunnels with a width of 2.5 m and the same height, this wheeled loader has a loading capacity of 2.5 m3/min. The 7HR features two unique digging arm systems - digging arms or rotating backhoe - to load muck from the drift face directly onto the Häggloader’s conveyor, which fills the haulage vehicle behind with a constant supply. The conveyor can be raised and lowered to suit the loading height of different haulage units. The backhoe version can also be equipped with a hammer for scaling the blasted profile. (more…)

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