A better looking digest

We are launching new digests to make the site easier to read and offer more value to our clients who advertise them. You will notice that the ads are big, simple and uncluttered for better CTR and visibility.

It is advertising that makes an impact.

When we switched to the new layout for the Coal News Digest in late March, traffic from the digest increased. Note the increased visits from March 29 and April 2nd.

Advertising Changes

Note the following:

  • There are no longer any featured news releases. Everything is either a banner ad or a sponsor digest post.
  • All the weekly digests and monthly digest are launched. Gold News Digest and Mining News Digest is pending.
  • No changes are planned for the Suppliers and Equipment Digest and the Mine Development Digest. The Suppliers and Equipment Digest advertising stays as is.

Mining News Digest


  • As of April 2012, subscriber total is 122,000.
  • Open rates for the new digest layout is pending. Old rate was between 2.81% and 8.55%.

Current Product Mix and What We Usually Sell

Clearly we have some products that have been running for a long time that have not sold. Let's ditch the products that don't sell and enhance and add value to the products that do well.

  • Sponsor Message – Runs weekly at $2,300. This is 100% sold out with ads booked far into the future
  • Featured News Release spot one – Runs daily at $330 each or $1,650 for six. ┬áThis is about 50% sold out with lots of future ad bookings.
  • Featured News Release spot two – Runs daily at $330 each or $1,650 for six. This is about 10% sold. There is only one future booking. ONE OF THESE WOULD NEED TO BE MOVED.
  • 486×60 – Runs weekly at $1,155. Nothing sold for the rest of the year. This is less than 10% sold. Just one run coming up mid-April.
  • Right Side banner ad six spots – Nothing sold for the rest of the year. Runs weekly at $665. Less than 10% sold. Nothing for the rest of the year.

Proposed Product Mix

  1. Sponsor Digest Post Spot One – Runs for one week.
  2. Sponsor Digest Post Spot Two – This spot is only available for daily runs. No booked runs. Maximum to two spots available. One spot is booked for Wally. Rest is available for the sales team.
  3. 180×150 Banner Ad – One spot available.
  4. 120×60 – Two spots available. Can be swapped out with 180×150.

Commodity Digests

Commodity digest have a great engagement with higher open rates than the Mining News Digest. With the new digest additions, our subscription rate should be climbing rapidly.


  • As of April 2012, current subscriber list is 93,000
  • New open rates are pending. Open rates for commodity digests are higher than the Mining News Digest.

Current ad products

  • Text ad per digest at $370 per week.
  • We also have the same banner ad and featured news release products. None have sold.

Proposed ad products

  1. Sponsor Digest Post Spot One – Appears in one run of ALL our weekly digests.
  2. Sponsor Digest Post Spot Two – Digest specific.
  3. 180×150 Banner Spot – One spot available. Sell per quarter.
  4. 120×60 Banner Spot – Four spots available. Sell per quarter.


Current editions we publishing are the following:

  • Coal News Digest – Weekly
  • Copper News Digest – Weekly
  • Diamond News Digest – Weekly
  • Gold News Digest – Weekly
  • Iron Ore News Digest – Weekly
  • Potash News Digest – Monthly
  • Silver News Digest – Weekly

New digests we are launching are the following. These are a mix of weekly, bi-monthly and monthly:

  • Nickel News Digest
  • Oil Sands News Digest
  • PGMs News Digest
  • Rare Earth News Digest
  • Uranium News Digest
  • Zinc News Digest
  • Australia News Digest
  • China News Digest