New layout is coming, digest schedule is changing

Look for bold changes on when we launch a new design at the start of 2016.

We are moving to a responsive design. Over forty percent of our traffic is mobile. It is essential we move to a common platform instead of doing what we do now, serving up two versions of the site depending upon what device our readers use.

We also have a lot of cruft that has crept into the old design over the years, the result of products that weren't quite on the mark or widgets that just weren't as useful as we hoped. It's always easier to add something rather than take it off, which results in a noisy site that takes too long to load.

The new design will be cleaner—stripped down to the elements our readers use the most.

Planned launch is the first week of 2016. We expect some rough patches. Bear with us and reach out if you see something amiss.

Regarding the digests, we will be reducing the mail out frequency. We aim for more targeted news, a catch up of the most relevant stories.

We will reduce the mail out frequency on most digests except the daily Mining News Digest. We will also be experimenting with news alerts when major news breaks.

Merry Christmas, to all our readers. Thanks to our clients and thanks for reading.

The new digest schedule starting next week will be the following:


Mining News Digest – Monday to Saturday


Gold News Digest – Tuesday and Thursday


Suppliers and Equipment Digest – Friday


China News Digest – Second Wednesday of every month
Rare Earth Earth Digest – Third Wednesday of every month
Coal News Digest – First Tuesday of every month
Diamond News Digest – First Wednesday of every month
Silver News Digest – First Thursday of every month
Iron Ore News Digest – Fourth Tuesday of every month
Copper News Digest – Fourth Wednesday of every month
Uranium News Digest – Second Tuesday of every month
Oil Sands News Digest – Second Wednesday of every month
Potash News Digest – Third Wednesday of every month
Africa News Digest – First Friday of every month
Latin America News Digest – Third Friday of every month
Australia News Digest – Third Friday of every month
Asia News Digest – Second Friday of every month
Europe News Digest – Fourth Friday of every month

Creative Commons image by Forge