New LM Series™ Ground-Engaging Tools (GET) Feature Safe, Fast, Hammerless Installation and Positive Tip Retention

Caterpillar® LM Series™ Ground-Engaging Tools (GET) are designed specifically to promote safety, productivity and reduced costs on sites operating large mining machines, such as shovels, hydraulic excavators and draglines. The new “hammerless” GET system features the Caterpillar CapSure™ tip-retention design, which allows tip installation and removal by using only a ¾-inch (19 mm) ratchet.

The new CapSure retention system makes the pin and retainer integral with the tip. The service technician need only turn the side-mounted locking system 180 degrees, exerting minimal force (100 pounds-feet/136 N∙m), to activate the CapSure system. Positioning access to the locking system on the side of the tip reduces wear and results in easier, faster tip replacement.

To further enhance the safety and simplicity of replacing LM Series GET, two lifting eyes on top of the tip assembly allow the technician to easily attach a small sling for use with a service crane. And once installed, the new tips, constructed of DH3 alloy, are designed to outlast tips constructed of other materials.

Caterpillar GET systems, available for mining and other industries, are available through Cat® dealers worldwide for all Cat equipment and for certain competitive machines.

For more information about the LM Series Ground Engaging Tools, customers should contact their Caterpillar dealer or visit the Caterpillar website at

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