New Mining Technology Delivers Affordable Efficiency

Tucson, Arizona – November 10, 2009
Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the world leader in informational management solutions for mining operations, announces the release of the ShiftBossTM Mine Production Tracking System.

The ShiftBoss 1.0 system allows mines to utilize the effective production tracking and crew management capabilities associated with Modular® products, as well as a number of new material management and safety features. One such feature, the MineCompass navigation map, displays all equipment and locations positions to operators and can send out hazard and speeding alerts to help promote safe behavior. Additionally, Store&Forward technology provides on-board data buffering when equipment units are out of wireless network range, ensuring production data reliability.

"The ShiftBoss application provides operators with a fully automated experience, recording production with minimal user interaction," says Stephane Cantin, Product Manager. "Customers can obtain the system at an affordable price, and its Store&Forward capabilities allow mines to significantly reduce the required amount of network infrastructure."

The ShiftBoss system shares several core components with the DISPATCH® NextGen product line, slated for release next year, providing an incremental upgrade path to customers that want automated production tracking without the expense of full scale optimized mine management.

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