New rock drill from Atlas Copco boosts efficiency and availability in long-hole drilling

Atlas Copco has introduced a completely new hydraulic rock drill – the COP 3060MUX – for use in underground long-hole drilling. The design sets new efficiency standards in this rock drill class.


The new COP 3060MUX from Atlas Copco sets a new efficiency standard in long-hole drilling

"Our top priority when developing the COP 3060MUX was to optimize the hydraulic efficiency", says Fredrik Öberg, Product portfolio manager at Atlas Copco. "In this rock drill, we utilize the installed power that is fed to the drill in such a way that has never before been possible."

Thanks to a new manufacturing technique, the Atlas Copco designers have been able to minimize losses in the hydraulic flow by optimizing the design of the channels and spool valve. This results in very high efficiency. "We don't know of any other manufacturer on the market that has managed to reach this high efficiency in a rock drill" says Fredrik Öberg. "This is state-of-the-art".

With the development of COP 3060MUX, Atlas Copco has also managed to increase the service interval to 600 percussion hours and still maintain drilling at high power. The key to this is the design of the hydraulic system which prolongs the service life of the internal seals.

In addition, all wear parts have been optimized for longer service life. For example, the splines of the driver and shank adapter have been given a new shape which dramatically reduces wear on the driver – thus saving costs. Another cost saving is the reduced number of internal parts. This, together with the external flushing head gives high serviceability.

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