This new videogame aims to gauge youth’s interest in the mining industry

A new video game currently in the works may be just what the mining industry needs to attract more young people.

“Gold rush: the game” is based on a successful TV show of the same name, which follows two bankrupt businessmen in search of gold and their efforts to strike it rich.

The creators of the game, set in Alaska, claim it will be one of the most realistic mining simulators in the computerized entertainment market.

This new videogame aims to gauge youth’s interest in the mining industryThe player starts as a wannabe gold miner, who uses basic tools to dig his first nugget. With time, the gamer is allowed to buy heavy machinery and other equipment to mine multiple gold claims in Alaska, potentially becoming the state’s richest person.

The team behind the project has set an online funding campaign, which gives backers quite a few perks.

For Cdn$8, for instance, a person will be able to play the game before buying it to decided whether it’s worth it.

If a backer gives Cdn$15, then he or she will be the part of the beta tests crew and granted a discounted price once the game is for sale, which is expected to happen in September.

Donations of over Cdn$500 will grant the contributor a place in the game, literally. This will happen either by having the person’s face on a virtual wall or by becoming the main character, which will be named after that individual.

You can take a peek here: