NL Technologies Announces IS Approval on Reverse Tracking Product

NLT Australia, a subsidiary of NL Technologies (NLT) in Canada, has introduced intrinsically safe reverse tracking cap lamp – a world first.  The IEC Exia approval adds to their many approvals including:

– 802.11 a,b,g WAP

– Compact WAP,

– Wi-Fi two way messaging cap lamp,

–  LED Cap lamp

– RF readers,

– RF tags,

–  Polaris all in one cap lamp.

NLT Australia, working with technology partner Wavetrend, have designed and approved an Exia approved reader in the Messenger Cap lamp that will connect onto our digital network,” said NLT Australia Managing Director Tim Haight.

The system works by having tags deployed around the mine in multiple locations. Imagine every cut-through plus other key areas such as longwall roof supports. As the miner wearing the Reverse Tracking Cap lamp (RTC) moves through the mine, the lamp reads the deployed tags and transmits that information out on the NLT Digital® Wi-Fi network.

If the miner encounters a non-supported area, the tag reads are buffered and time stamped in the lamp and transmitted once returned to a hot spot or fully covered section of the mine.

“Reverse tracking cap lamp solution now means that as there is no requirement to deploy and power the RF readers. The system provides resolution similar to that of a GPS on the surface with ease of installation and greatly reduced cost over existing tracking systems” Haight said.

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