NL Technologies Australia Can Now Sell Polaris Cap Lamps with Group II Certification for Surface Industries with Explosive Environments

Brisbane, Australia – NL Technologies (NLT), manufacturer of The Northern LightTM range of cap lamps, including Polaris, Eclipse, GII, and GIIIR announces today an approval that goes well beyond mining.  The all new Polaris cordless, all-in-one cap lamp is approved for use in zone zero environments in Australia and New Zealand.  The Polaris cap lamp is safe to use in the presence of methane, ethylene, methyl ethyl ketone, and propane.  NLT Australia can now provide this lamp for applications outside of mining like confined space entry, emergency response, chemical manufacturing and paint, and in other zone zero environments where the worker requires hands free personal lighting.

“We are very excited about this new approval because it allows us and our partner resellers to extend our reach outside of traditional mining customers” says Tim Haight, Managing Director of NLT Australia, master distributor for NLT’s range of lamps and wireless communication solutions.  “There are all sorts of people that need reliable light, and the Northern LightTM is the best cap lamp product in industry today”.

The Northern LightTM Polaris carries the designation of Ex II 1G Ex ia IIB T2 Ga.

Features of Polaris include a super bright LED light, 14 hours of light output, rechargeable 500 times, and it comes in an ergonomically designed ruggedized plastic housing weighing a mere 700 grams, with a low profile for maximum wearer comfort.  This lamp is also available with a range of accessories such as magnetic mount to equipment, adjustable clip for hard hats or caps, vehicle charging adaptors, and a belt mounted pouch for carrying the lamp when not in use.


For more information or for a dealer near you please email: [email protected] or telephone NLT Australia in Brisbane at 61 7 5495 2944.

About NLT

NL Technologies (NLT) has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the underground mining industry for over twenty years. In 2004, NLT leveraged its expertise to launch the Northern Light DigitalTM division, which designs underground tracking and communications systems aimed at improving safety, efficiency and preventing mine emergencies. For more information, please visit

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