NLT Introduces Portable IS Node with Fixed Power Supply Capability

Toronto, Canada – NL Technologies (NLT) announces the latest addition to their IS approved family of Wi-Fi access points and network client devices supporting communications and tracking solutions, the NetPort-able-FP IS Node.

The NetPort-able-FP IS Node is a dual radio, Wi-Fi protocol 802.11 a/b/g compatible, four antennas, completely wireless (no fiber) open platform Wi-Fi access point incased in a small and rugged Pelican case with exterior dimensions of 13.37″L x 11.62″W x 6.00″H (33.9 x 29.5 x 15.2 cm) and weighing only 6.8 lb (3.1 Kg). The design of the NetPort-able-FP IS Node is based on the NLT Portable IS Node. It can be used to extend the coverage of an existing network, for network repair or as a fixed access point in areas where the standard NetPort IS cannot be installed because of size limitations.

When compared to the NLT Portable IS Node, the main difference is that the NetPort-able-FP IS Node does not have standby battery power and must be power supplied from the electrical infrastructure of the mine. The external DC voltage range at node input is 5.0-7.0V DC. In a hazardous environment the NetPort-able-FP IS Node uses the KH Controls intrinsically safe power supply, housed in an explosion proof enclosure.

The NetPort-able-FP IS Node cannot be used to provide post accident communication as required by the Miners Act because there is no provision for standby power.

NLT’s family of MSHA approved products includes two styles of fixed access points, NetPort IS, for main travel ways, SwitchPort IS with three Fiber ports, allowing branching off a main loop as well as two fibreless small nodes (NetPort-able IS and NetPort-able-FP IS) and a compact node (Compact IS NetPort) for longwall and continuous miner communications.

NLT Messenger™ IS, a two-way text messenging device in a cap lamp, Wi-Fi tracking tags with Aeroscout, and the NLT Digital Mine software that pulls together tracking, communications, and environmental monitoring in to a single Internet based front-end on a laptop or server.

About NLT – NL Technologies (NLT) has been designing and manufacturing the Northern Light™ caplamp for the underground mining industry for over twenty years with offices in Canada, Australia and Chile and distributor partners around the world. For more information about NLT’s suite of digital products and cap lamps, go to

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