NLT receives MSHA Instrinsic Safety Approval for Netport IS Backbone of its Underground Lighting System

Toronto, CanadaNL Technologies (NLT), a Canadian-owned designer and manufacturer of underground lighting and wireless communications solutions for the mining industry announced today that they have received under the MSHA standard, Intrinsic Safety (IS) approval for the Northern Light DigitalTM Intrinsically Safe NetPort WiFi access point.

The “NetPort IS” is the first 802.11 open standards WiFi access point to receive MSHA Intrinsically Safe (IS) approval. The “NetPort IS” 802.11 access point is placed in the operating areas of the mine and forms the backbone of the Northern Light DigitalTM Network. The “NetPort IS” combined with the “IS Messenger Cap Lamp” and “IS WiFi Tracking Tags” allow for two-way text messaging and tracking over a Wi-Fi network when deployed throughout the mine…CAMESE

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