Obama's rough ride in coal country

NPR talked to residents of Mingo County, a coal region in West Virginia. Voters predominantly believe that the current administration in the White House is running a "War on Coal" and the region they grew up in is getting left behind:

Marcum and his wife, Madge, say they worry about their retirement and jobs for their family and neighbors.

"The coal miners and that, they're upset over it 'cause [Obama's] not for coal, and that's what these people do, you know. That's all they know," says Madge.

Farther along the Dingess Road in another front yard, I meet Sammy Vance.

"Obama, there. Hell, if he'd bend over a little backwards there to West Virginia and get that, what is that, EPA? Tell them to get on down the road, and hell with the lizard. Man needs to work," says Vance.

Vance was referring to salamanders, which are often endangered by mining activity.

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