Oil Find in Turkana (Kenya) brings Hope for Education and Jobs in the Region

As IRIN reports, the oil find in the county of Turkana (Kenya) brings hope for education and employment to the people in the region. Turkana has the highest rate of poorness in the country and a low education level, therefore only unskilled or semi-skilled jobs may be given to people there.

Lodwar resident and doctor Lawrence Lomuria said the oil find was an opportunity for the Turkana people to embrace education. “We do not need to fear education; this can act as a motivator for the Turkana to study and to do well.”

“Oil is being seen as a ladder to help the people go up,” said Christopher Ekaru Loskipat, coordinator of the Catholic Peace and Justice Commission (CPJC) in Lodwar. “When the companies come here, the local people expect employment. If this is not done, we are anticipating conflict. What will the government trickle down as the benefit to the community?” he asked.