Olé! Hedge funds go bullish on the euro zone

A number of US hedge funds are finding investment opportunities in the euro zone after a long hiatus, Dan McCrum reported for the Financial Times on Tuesday.

Banks in Greece, for example, remain cautious in their support of Greek businesses. But now American capital is beginning to arrive after years on the sidelines, filling part of the void.

One of the funds is focused solely on Spain, "where five years into the crisis [fund] managers see the effects of adjustments made: real estate values are down by half from the peak."

It looks as though the tide of speculation against the euro is turning after five long, crippling years. A manager of a large US hedge fund says that he doesn't see a break up on the horizon.

“They have done enough, we don’t see a collapse as a likely scenario in the near term any more.”

The euro zone is, however, still crisis-wracked. Most of the zone suffers from anemic growth, including the once recession-proof Germany. Youth unemployment is over 30%, 50%, and 55% in Italy, Greece, and Spain, respectively.


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