Pakistan wants Russia’s Help in Developing Vocational Training in the Mining Sector

As Daily Times reports, Pakistan expects Russia’s support and expertise for their coal projects. Besides vocational education training in the coal mining sector in general, Pakistan wants help establishing training institutions and also wants scholarships for graduates to be provided by Russia.

The Russian ambassador also received the working paper from Pirzada to extend its expertise in coal reserves in Sindh’s oil drilling and mining sectors. The Russian ambassador told as President of Russia is expected to visit Pakistan next year, they are very keen to make relationships stronger by exchanging expertise and work in corporate sector, energy and trade sector, education, and science and technology sector. Federal Secretary Qamar Zaman told the Russian ambassador that the Ministry of Professional and Technical Training, Foreign Office and Ministry of Science and Technology will coordinate with one another to prepare working paper for the upcoming Inter-Governmental Commission that is the best forum to strengthen the bilateral relations of both the countries.