Patented RHEWUM Cross Flow Sifter QS

The combination of a cross flow sifter and a screening machine is the consequential widening of our product portfolio. It is emerging from the often heard customers´ demand for an additional separation of the fine particles. The cross flow sifter is applicable and retrofit for all RHEWUM screening machines; it makes most sense for fine particle screening machines as type WA, WAU, MDS and PWA.

The RHEWUM cross flow sifter is working completely without moving parts. Only the under hopper of the screening machine is fitted with the patented sifter element.

With this system separations in between 100 and 500 µm (0,1 – 0,5 mm) are reasonable, separation efficiencies between 60 and 80% are possible without any additional equipment. As for all sifters the separation cut can be changed during operation.