PIC OF THE DAY: Gina Rinehart is an oil painting

Gina Rinehart's billions of dollars and huge sway in Australian business where she has branched out from iron and coal into television and newspapers make her a favourite target of satirists.

Her poetry and largesse (which extends to other billionaires but not her workers), the bitter family feud which only seems to grow nastier the longer it drags on, her disdain for Australia's drinking, smoking, socializing and lazy workers class and admiration for $2-a-day African miners, only adds to her lampooning appeal.

Peter Batey, director of the Bald Archy Prize and the artist Warren Lane kindly gave MINING.com permission to reproduce (Scoop! For the first time outside Australia!) the 2013 winner of the competition which has been running for 21 years. The prize is internationally recognized as the only art competition judged by a sulphur-crested cockatoo named Maude.

"The Banquet of Gina and Ginia" was modelled on the 17th century portrait The Banquet of Esther and Ahasuerus by Dutch painter Jan Victors and features the larger than life matriarch and her favourite daughter Ginia [sic], the child she doesn't only see in court.

What they say about a thousand words:

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Gina Rinehart is an oil painting

Source: Bald Archy Prize