Planning for Prosperity

Today I’ll be at the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative event in New York, which brings together heads of state, business people and many others to discuss major issues affecting humankind and our planet.

I first got involved with the CGI through my friend Frank Giustra in 2007 when Frank and President Clinton teamed up with Mexican investor Carlos Slim to establish theClinton-Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative.

CGSGI exists to create sustainable economic and social conditions in the poorest areas of the world. This is especially important to us at U.S. Global Investors because our search for the best natural resources companies often takes us to these same lands.

Emerging nations hold nearly 80 percent of the world’s population and 80 percent of its valuable natural resources. Many of these countries are seeing rapid economic change, and it’s important that this new prosperity be invested in ways that continues to benefit local populations long after the natural resource deposits are gone.

CGSGI is now focusing on improving health care, education and small business in Colombia and Peru. In Peru, it is helping to develop the agriculture and tourism industries to promote local commerce. In Colombia, the efforts are aimed at cultivating small- and medium-sized businesses.

I saw evidence of CGSGI’s work when I visited Colombia earlier this year with President Clinton, Frank Giustra and others from the Initiative. The country is becoming a template for economic transformation that other Latin American nations can follow.

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