Polish miners abandon Russian coal imports blockade

Polish miners abandon Russian coal imports blockade

The over 200 Polish miners stopping trains carrying Russian coal at a border passage in northern Poland since early Wednesday have abandoned the blockade after reaching a deal with the government in Warsaw.

The action aimed to prevent cheaper Russian coal from being brought in at a time when Polish mines are struggling. According to RT.com, deliveries from Russia resumed Thursday as Polish authorities vowed to study new coal trade laws that will better protect the country’s industry.

Poland, which uses coal to generate close to 90% of its electricity, produced 76.5 million tonnes in 2013. It exported 10.6 million tonnes but at the same time imported 10.8 million, mainly from Russia and the Czech Republic.

The country is one of the more vocal supporters in the European Union of tougher sanctions on Russia over its intervention in Ukraine.

Image: Screenshot from Euronews report.