Poll shows support for mining in space

While we may receive confirmation on Tuesday that James Cameron and some Google executives are going to start mining in space, CBC asked its readers if it's even a good idea and found strong support.

As of 11 a.m. PST, the poll showed 67% support while the rest of the responses were split between "No" and "I need more information." CBC notes the survey is not scientific.

A common theme in the comments was support for the idea due to resource depletion here on earth.

"We can begin mining in space, or we can run out of materials," wrote TonoFonseca

A new company named Planetary Resources is expected to make an announcement this week that it will mine asteroids for minerals.

According to the company's press release, “. . . the company will overlay two critical sectors – space exploration and natural resources – to add trillions of dollars to the global GDP. This innovative start-up will create a new industry and a new definition of ‘natural resources.’”

Asteroids are rich in valuable minerals, like iron ore, nickel and platinum group metals.

Click here to see the CBC poll.