Process Research Ortech Inc. (PRO) will be celebrating 10 years in 2009

In the coming year, Process Research Ortech Inc. (PRO) will be celebrating the 10th year of its formation as a private corporation, following more than 70 years of existence as part of ORTECH, a Ontario Government crown corporation. As PRO moves into its second decade continuing its tradition of innovative technology development and commercialization in process industries for the mining sector, I am pleased to re- introduce the services of PRO to your organization in the areas of mineral processing, mineral extraction and pilot plant implementation (i.e. incubation and pre-commercialization).

PRO provides extensive facilities to develop bench scale and pilot pre-commercialization plant environment to industries in the mining and metallurgical sector. PRO takes pride in its environmental stewardship and integration of sustainable innovative "green" technologies. Its 40,000 sq. foot industrial facility is equipped with the necessary regulatory and environmental permits and can support a number of diverse initiatives and customers simultaneously. Our capabilities to support the mining and metallurgical sector include Mineral Processing, Hydrometallurgy and Pyrometallurgy and are indicated below, along with the facilities to support them.

In the area of Mineral Processing, we can conduct pilot plant test work at up to 200 kg/hour. This will include, as appropriate, crushing (jaw crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher), grinding (ball mill, rod mill, SAG mill), screening (screens of different sizes, rotap), magnetic separation (Sala drum and Davis tube), gravity separation (spiral and table), solid/liquid separation (pressure filter, thickener) and flotation (Denver cell and column cell). In the area of Hydrometallurgy, we can do bench scale and pilot plant work to treat up to 100 kg/day of feed. Our capabilities include atmospheric leaching (with Cascading reactors), pressure leaching (with stainless steel and titanium autoclaves), liquid/solid separation (thickeners and filters), purification (solvent extraction with mixture settlers/pulse column, fixed bed and continuous ion exchange systems, precipitation), product recovery (precipitation, electrowinning, cementation), effluent treatment and solid waste management. In the area of Pyrometallurgy, we can perform calcinations and roasting (rotary kiln, tube furnaces, muffle furnaces, fluid bed reactor, gas-solid reactor), smelting (induction furnace, electric arc furnace), granulation and pyrohydrolysis.

Our partial list of clients include; Barrick Gold, Vale Inco, AECL, Hatch, Hindustan Zinc, Teck Cominco, AMEC, HG Engineering, Saskatchewan Research Council and Mahindra Acres (India) and many junior mining companies.

We look forward to contacting you in the near future to determine how we can develop a working relationship with your organization. In the meantime, please visit our web site