Proposed Marathon Platinum Group Metals and Copper Mine Project in Ontario: Availability of $150,000 to Support Participation in the Environmental Assessment-Phase II

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency the Agency is making available $150,000 under its Participant Funding Program to assist groups and individuals to participate in the environmental assessment process of the proposed Marathon Platinum Group Metals and Copper Mine Project in Ontario.

This Phase II funding will help successful applicants prepare for and participate in the conduct of the proposed review panel process, including public hearings. A funding review committee, independent of the environmental assessment process, will assess all applications and make a recommendation on the allocation of funds. Applications received by the Agency by July 6, 2011 will be considered.Information on the Participant Funding Program, including the Participant Funding Program Guide and the application form, is available on the Agencys Web site at

Information on the proposed Marathon Platinum Group Metals and Copper Mine Project and the environmental assessment is also available on the Agencys Web site, in the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry, under reference number 10-05-54755.On March 11, 2011, the Agency awarded a total of $38,383 to five applicants to support their participation in Phase I of the environmental assessment process for the proposed project.

Stillwater Canada Inc. proposes to develop and operate the Marathon Platinum Group Metals and Copper Mine Project, approximately 10 kilometres north of the Town of Marathon. This project involves the establishment and operation of an open pit mine and mill for the purpose of extracting and processing ore containing copper and platinum group metals and including, but not limited to, any ancillary activities and the activities outlined below:

  • the construction and/or use of equipment, buildings and structures;
  • the establishment, construction and operation of tailing impoundment areas, explosives factory and magazine facilities, waste rock storage areas, water management facilities, transmission lines, temporary and emergency generation facilities, and activities to mitigate environmental impacts;
  • the decommissioning, closure and abandonment of the mine and mine-related infrastructure;
  • the establishment, construction and/or modification, and use of transportation infrastructure including access roads, highways and/or rail lines to support the above-mentioned activities and the transport of final mine concentrates.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency administers the federal environmental assessment process, which identifies the potential environmental effects of proposed projects and measures to avoid or mitigate those effects, in support of sustainable development.

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