Rare earth toy ban could spell the end for Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls and other novelty desk toys made from rare earth metals face a looming ban by the US government due to consumer safety concerns.

Gizmodo reports that Bucky Balls and Zen Magnets, popular office trinkets which are essentially super-strong magnetic made from rare earth metals, are set to be prohibited by the US government following a spate of ingestion-related injuries involving small children.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission had previously threatened to sue both Zen Magnets and Bucky Balls over injuries incurred by children who have swallowed the products. According to the commission the ultra-powerful magnets cluster together in the intestines following ingestion and require a surgical procedure for removal.

Gizmodo has already sounded the clarion call for a campaign to resist the imminent ban, pointing out that the products foster an interest in science and technology and that any accidents can be prevented via proper labeling and responsible parenting.

You can lend your voice to the campaign to prevent the banning of Bucky Balls here>>

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