Reader demographics

The results of our reader survey are in. Thanks to everyone who participated. You can still add comments to our digest survey. Results have been compiled below.

We also use third-party service Quantcast where you can see demographic data.

  •'s audience is made up of decision makers. A quarter of the respondents described themselves as holding executive or owner positions. Over 20% classified themselves as managers.
  • readers have a high level of education. Over 60% had some type of university degree. Thirty percent of the respondents said they held a graduate degree, such as a masters or a PhD.
  • Most of our readers work for mining companies. The next highest employer classification was mining supplier followed by exploration company.
  •'s readership is largely based out of North American and Australia.

Polling Data Results

Overall Reader Demographics
To date we have had over 250 responses to our survey questions. Questions are below.

  • What is your age?
  • What education level have you attained?
  • Which of the following best describes your position?
  • What area of the mining industry are you associated with?

Digest Polling Data

About 210 responsdents as of Sept 2011. Subscriber base is about 150,000

Website Polling Data

About 50 respondents as of Sept 2011. Daily visitors are about 6,500.

Pageviews by City

As the graph shows, most of's readership is North American or Australian-based.

Quantcast Data
A third-party service that provides directly measured trafficand audience composition reports, such as age, gender and salary level.



Education Level