Realistic mine project cost estimates and evaluations

No mine stays constant over time. Grades can change or stripping ratios can increase as the pit gets deeper. Projects have ramp-up periods where production rates increase or decrease as the mine nears the end of its life.

Mining Intelligence’s Surface Evaluation Application recognizes this reality. We have built a solution that allows you to divide your project timeline into individual phases. You get to determine the number of phases. Then for each phase, you input its length, grade, stripping ratio, production rate, and additional parameters that characterise it. This allows for transparency on how capital costs, operating costs, and overall project economics change as your project evolves over multiple phases through time.

The countdown is on. Mining Intelligence’s Surface Evaluation Application launches in 4 days and will allow you to estimate the costs for countless surface mining and mineral processing projects. This cloud-based application combines engineering-based estimating procedures with cost data from Mining Intelligence’s Mining Cost Service.

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