Republican Party will 'rein in EPA' to pursue domestic energy independence

The Republican Party's 2012 Party Platform says it will 'rein in the EPA' in the pursuit of domestic energy independence and push for the development of coal, oil and natural gas reserves as well as nuclear energy.

The platform strongly emphasizes the party's commitment to domestic energy independence, saying it will reduce the EPA's influence and regulatory activity in order to more vigorously pursue the development of existing resources.

We will end the EPA's war on coal and encourage the increased safe development in all regions of the nation's coal resources.

We oppose the EPA's unwarranted revocation of existing permits. We also call on Congress to take quick action to prohibit the EPA from moving forward with new greenhouse gas regulations.

In addition to promoting the development of coal, oil and natural gas as key means of achieving energy independence the party platform also evokes a commitment to nuclear energy and the development of new nuclear reactors.

Nuclear energy…must be expanded. No new nuclear generating plants have been licensed and constructed for thirty years. We call for timely processing of new reactor applications currently pending at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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