Mining sales at Caterpillar continue to trend terrible

Caterpillar's September sales within the resource industries sector were down 28% worldwide.

The equipment giant released its rolling 3-month sales totals compared with sales during the prior year.

Asia/Pacific resource industries showed the sharpest decline, down 48%, while North America sales were down a negligible 3%.

The construction side of the business is faring better. Worldwide retail sales were down just 3%.

Asia/Pacific and Latin America were both down, 11% and 30% respectively. North America was up 11%.

Sales overall were down 10%.

Caterpillar dropped 1.31% today to $94.57.

caterpillar  Rolling 3 Month Retail Sales Statistics

Caterpillar's rolling 3-month retail sales statistics within its Form 8-K released today. See the full table here.