Rex Murphy goes to Fort McMurray

Rex Murphy takes his Sunday morning talk show, CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup, to Fort McMurray.

The Canadian media personality, who has some skepticism about global warming, looks at Canada's tangled emotions regarding the oil and gas industry in a National Post column leading up to the show.

Yes, there is environmental concern, but Canadians give short shrift to what the oil and gas industry brings the country:

In my view, this is the first and deepest justification for Fort Mac and the oil industry. Jobs are essential for the human environment — for a woman’s or a man’s sense of self-reliance and independence. By this, I mean the right to be able to obtain what you need for yourself and your family from what you have honestly earned. Being able, because you are employed, to stay off welfare, to turn aside from handouts — this is good for the environment of human dignity.

Image from Rex Murphy on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer