Ring of Fire promotional video draws ire

A Ring of Fire marketing video posted on YouTube that uses models in swimwear is being criticized as sexist.

KWG Resources produced the video to highlight the benefits of the Ring of Fire development, a proposed plan for chromite mining and smelting development project in the James Bay Lowlands of Northern Ontario. Roads and electricity are needed, but work has been stalled by low metal prices.

The video features a two women at a lake discussing the benefits that would come from developing the Ring of Fire. As of posting this news story, the video had over 10,970 views.

KWG Resources is a exploration stage company focused on developing properties within the Ring of Fire. The CEO of KWG defended the video stating that he is looking for ways to draw attention to issue and "attractive women attract eyes," according to an interview he gave with the Globe and Mail.

Theresa Longo, one of the models used in the shoot, is an actress and former pageant queen. She has over 70,000 followers on Twitter.


Probably the best comment was made by @KentDriscoll, and Longo replied.