Ron Paul and Jim Rogers discussing financial ruin and economic collapse, again

Ron Paul and Jim Rogers shared a stage earlier this year in Santiago, Chile, to discuss what they consider to be the economic collapse awaiting us all should central banks continue to run their printing presses at full steam.

The two present-day champions of sound money and Austrian School Economics did not shy away from harsh language, painting an ugly picture of the future:

Paul quotes:

“I believe that the unemployment rate in the United States is over 20%.”

“I would expect that there’s going to be a lot more chaos yet to come…and it won’t be limited to Europe. I think it will be a worldwide phenomenon, the States won’t escape it either.”

On US government confiscation of assets: “They will do what they think is necessary. They’ll use force, and they’ll use intimidation, and they’ll use guns.”

Rogers quotes:

“The present head of the central bank does not understand economics. He does not understand finance. He does not understand currencies. All he understands is printing money. His whole intellectual career has been devoted to the study of printing money.”

“They won’t take our bank accounts, they’ll take our retirement accounts: they’ll take our 401(k)s.”

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