Sandvik bolters strengthen safety and performance

With continued demand from mining companies to ensure safety and increase productivity, Sandvik rock reinforcement drill rigs prove they can meet the challenges of underground hard rock supporting needs in mines and tunnels – safety, bolting quality, performance and flexibility.

Experience the Sandvik DS410 fully mechanized bolting jumbo as it leaves the ordinary "in the dust" with premium performance, efficient drilling power, and proven components. The versatile bolting head construction allows for the use of all common bolt types and combinations, with bolt length from 1.5 to 3 meters (5 to 10 ft).

The DS410 featured at MinExpo, a member of the Sandvik bolter family, is an extremely productive machine incorporating Sandvik's proven and uncompromised performance. A productive, single man operation, with a FOPS/ROPS safety cabin or canopy and an opportunity to bolt right up to the face, ensures fast and convenient bolt installations.

All Sandvik rock reinforcement drill rigs convey safety. The premium Sandvik bolters fit to all ground conditions and offers flexibility in length and type of bolts as well as rapid bolt type conversion.

In addition to the comprehensive set of advanced features, the Sandvik rock reinforcement rigs also have automatic resin cartridge injection as a new option. Due to the usage and safe location of ARI – Automatic Resin Injection – operators are no longer exposed to fumes. The ARI provides cartridge sequence that can be either programmed and endlessly replicabled or set manually for each bolt. This feature ensures that the operator can easily adapt the grouting to what requires the ground conditions.

The complete injection cycle, cartridge loading and flushing, is accomplished by pressing two simple push buttons, enabling the operator to concentrate on the bolting. The loading tray system allows using fast and slow set resin cartridges. The Automatic Resin Injection system is available for the entire Sandvik bolter range.

Sandvik rock reinforcement rigs are a perfect example of Sandvik's ongoing commitment to combine innovative technology and the ease of use and outstanding performance.

For further information, please contact:

Sandvik Mining and Construction, Tampere Finland

Ulla Korsman, Global Product Line Manager, Underground Drills

[email protected]