Sandvik materials expertise adds breadth to wear protection and screening media ranges

Nowhere does the understanding of materials technology meld with mining and construction equipment better than with the Sandvik Mining and Construction ranges of wear protection products and screening media. With a separate business devoted to the development of unique and durable materials, Sandvik is able to transfer this capability to creating a broad range of products that can be utilized in diverse and tough applications. From rubber to metal, from flexible to iron-strong, Sandvik's wear protection offering works to extend our customers' equipment lives to the fullest; in screening media, the range allows our customers options in achieving the maximum performance at the lowest overall cost. The following are some of the products featured at Minexpo 2008:

Wear Protection

Metal- Sandvik's HX900 cast-in-carbide is a unique wear material for the toughest conditions, combining the wear resistance of cemented carbide with the shock resistance, ductility and forming capability of nodular iron. The wear resistance is generally 3-15 times higher than common structural steel, nodular iron, and welded material. Newly offered in this industry in North America, it nonetheless has a strong history in metals technology.

Ceramic – Sandvik's new range of ceramic wear plates (WT9200) and sheeting (WG9200) offers extremely long wear life in applications with severe abrasion. By embedding the ceramic tiles in rubber, the best properties of the two materials are combined. Thanks to the dampening properties of the rubber, the ceramic tiles can

take a lot more impact than linings consisting of pure ceramic tiles.

Rubber – The new modular wear protection WT7000 by Sandvik is made of dual harness rubber, offering a longer equipment life. As no steel is used, worn-out liners can easily be recycled. The weight is also lower compared to other wear protection products, making it easier to handle.

Screening media

Polyurethane – The WX7000 with Anti-Blinding polyurethane is a unique screening media with integrated dam bars and overlap. It solves blinding problems and provides excellent screening efficiency in final stage screening. The wear life will increase up to 10 times or more compared with wire mesh, significantly lowering operating costs.

Rubber or polyurethane – Sandvik's tensioned screening media (WX6000-8500) is intended for installation in screens with cambered screen decks. It is available with molded or punched holes to fit applications from fine to medium coarse screening in wet or dry applications.
Sandvik's highly versatile modular screening media (WM4000-7000H) is characterized by a novel shape and versatile design. The high-low or stepped design together with the panels' trapezoidal form gives a staggered aperture pattern that reduces carry-over. The panels are available in both rubber and polyurethane in order to fit optimally all applications from primary to fine screening as well as wet and dry screening.

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