Sandvik's new versatile core drill offers high productivity and flexibility

The Sandvik DE710 diamond core drill is one of the most popular exploration drills available. It is operated on exploration and mining projects in locations around the world. The compact nature of the DE710 allows a small footprint on site. This has proven to be a great benefit in difficult access areas where site preparation can be limited.

Flexible as to application and environment

The Sandvik DE710 drill is available in a range of configurations to suit global operational and environmental demands. The Sandvik DE710 can be truck mounted for greater manoeuvrability and ease of relocating the drill between sites. The Sandvik DE710 can also be fitted to crawler tracks, powered from the rig hydraulic system, making the drill a small self propelled unit for areas with difficult site access. The Sandvik DE710 is also available in a shack mounted configuration for cold weather applications ensuring a protected working environment for the drill crew.

The Sandvik DE710 is powered by a 6.7 litre engine producing 190 HP at 2200 rpm (141 kW at 2200 rpm) to power the rig hydraulic system. The engine complies with the Tier 3 emissions standards that are being introduced in many countries.

The hydraulic system design for the Sandvik DE710 is based on the proven philosophy of all Sandvik products, this being to select the best available products to suit the application. The main hydraulic pumps and motors are the highly efficient variable displacement design allowing for greater flexibility and precise control of critical drilling functions. The cooling system has also been designed for operation in ambient temperatures up to 500 centigrade to cope with varying global operational demands.

The Sandvik DE710's rotation head stroke length of 3.45 metres improves productivity by allowing longer continuous core runs without stopping drilling to regrip the drill pipe. The longer head stroke length also allows for greater flexibility in drilling operations with the ability to add three metre drill rods and casing under the head. The design of the head traverse system includes a hydraulic cylinder that is directly coupled to the rotation head carriage. This design significantly reduces the amount of moving components in the traverse system and of course reduces the overall maintenance costs for the drill.

The long feed stroke length combined with the optional PQ size rotation head and chuck in conjunction with the ability to side rack the rotation head away from the mast centreline, provides the driller with more flexibility and a variety of options that cater for most drilling situations.

The depth capacity of the drill is NQ to 1,000 metres. The Sandvik designed main winch allows for up to
17,100 lbs single line pull. The main winch and mast for the Sandvik DE710 drill have been designed using integrated 3D modelling and finite element analysis (FEA) design packages. The mast dump feature of Sandvik multi-purpose drills has been incorporated into the DE710. The mast dump allows an ergonomic working height to be maintained at various drilling angles. The mast dump stroke is 1,067 mm and ensures the mast is always able to make contact with the ground even at acute angles and/or when working on an uneven drill pad.

In keeping with Sandvik's' philosophy of delivering a complete drill, the wireline winch and the water pump assembly are both built into the rig base and powered from the rig hydraulic system. All controls are located in the operator's control panel. Standard accessories supplied with the drill include the common sizes of jaws for both the rod clamps and chuck.

The drill mast can be fitted with an optional mast rod rack for standing the rods when tripping in and out of the hole. Adjustable mast stay rods are used to adequately support the load which is imposed onto the mast from the racked drill rods. Alternatively, the drill rods can be run in and out from behind the drill.

As a solution provider, Sandvik is also able to provide a full range of down hole tools and drilling accessories, along with spare parts and service for the drills available from the strategically located Sandvik regional offices around the world.

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