Sandvik's tele remote drilling adds whole new dimensions to operators ergonomics and safety

Sandvik announced the launch of the latest feature for Sandvik production drills called Tele Remote Drilling system – the advanced system that enables an operator to control a rig from a remote location like control area. Available exclusively from Sandvik, the Sandvik Tele Remote Drilling system offers customers an opportunity to place the operator in a distant location from a drilling unit. The Tele Remote Drilling system can be combined with the existing mine network. Functionality includes either cable or wireless connection to a rig.

Featuring components needed at a remote control location and components on board, Tele Remote Drilling is available for DL420 and DL430 production drill rig models with a cabin or canopy. The Sandvik system also gives customers the option of having an operator spending less time at a potentially hazardous drilling area. This way exposure to rock falls as well as possible dust, exhaust fumes, temperature variations and vibrations can be minimized. Usually a substantial amount of shift hours are used to transfer from a change room to a drilling unit. With tele remote drilling, productivity increase is easy as it allows for quick shift changes. The remote drilling also facilitates flexibility of location of an operator workplace hence create better working conditions.

The Sandvik Tele Remote Drilling system can also be adapted for different automation levels: manual, one-hole data and uphole fan automatics. "The Sandvik Tele Remote Drilling device is designed to please the most demanding customer thanks to its exciting array of safety and productivity features, and it will prove extremely popular among customers who prefer to see an operator working far from a drilling area," said Ulla Korsman, Global Product Line Manager of Sandvik UG Drilling Products.

Additional features of the Sandvik Tele-remote Drilling system include:

  • One panel for one drill rig
  • Dedicated camera control with PIP
  • Live video, audio from a drill rig
  • Active isolation system at the rig to prohibit any unauthorized access.

"For Sandvik's many customers, the new Tele Remote Drilling system delivers a fantastic new level of flexibility and a great opportunity to to increase productivity as the system can also be retrofitted to existing data units."

For further information, please contact:
Sandvik Mining and Construction, Tampere Finland
Tomi Järvi Product Manager, Production drilling and secondary breaking
[email protected]