Saskatoon – Electric vehicles deemed safer than diesel for use in underground mining

Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Mine Safety Unit Approves PapaBravo’s Line of Electric Vehicles for Use in Underground Mining Operations

PapaBravo’s electric underground vehicles have officially been approved by the Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Commission for use underground. OH&S evaluated the design and manufacturing of PapaBravo Innovations’ electric underground vehicles at the end of 2011 prior to the recent commercialization. The report issued states that the electric vehicles meet the requirements of the Mines Regulations and are suitable for use in mines.

Further in their report, the Mine Safety Unit (MSU) discussed the fire hazard potential around the electric vehicles. “It is the opinion of the MSU that these vehicles will present less of a fire hazard than vehicles with conventional diesel engines” Neil Crocker, Occupational Health Officer. It was also noted that the electric vehicles manufactured by PapaBravo Innovations do not require a permit to operate underground nor do they require any airflow from the ventilation. By replacing diesel trucks with electric trucks, a surplus of airflow is created allowing added production capability while still maintaining the same operational capacity.

Electric vehicles offer a solution to underground air quality issues present in any underground mining environment. Air quality is a huge concern underground as the health and welfare of workers is threatened with each diesel engine in each operation. Electric underground vehicles open the possibility for a cleaner, more productive underground environment.

Electric mining trucks are now paving the way to a new and cleaner future for underground mining operations. Mines globally are beginning to see that diesel trucks are no longer the best solution for keeping their operations safe as PapaBravo has been getting international interest from Ghana, Australia South America, and other proactive mining countries.

About PapaBravo Innovations
PapaBravo Innovations is a design and manufacturing company that specializes in the innovation of electric vehicle systems. The design and manufacturing of the underground mining vehicles is carried out at our head office and fabrication facility in Saskatoon, Sk, Canada. For more information regarding the full line of electric vehicles visit the PapaBravo website at or call 1-800-665-8979 extension 225.