Scamming alert in Canada over 'Taliban gold' for sale

Police from Kamloops, in the Canadian province of British Columbia, felt duty-bound to issue a statement after a 50-year-old man paid $760 for jewellery allegedly made of Osama Bin Laden’s gold.

The public warning, issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, warned at least three people are selling gold necklaces and rings they claim were smuggled in from Iraq. The group tells potential buyers the jewels once belonged to Osama.

In what police believe is a related case, a 59-year-old Kamloops man and his wife were approached by three similarly described suspects, who were selling gold necklaces in the parking lot of a local supermarket on Friday, reports CBC.

The shady sellers used aggressive tactics and managed to switch two necklaces, putting a fake gold necklace on the man while stealing his real one, police told CBC.

Image by  Africa Studio/