Schlumberger Water Services Launches AquiferTest Pro 2010

WATERLOO, Canada, September 10, 2010 Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) announced today the release of AquiferTest Pro* v.2010 pumping test and slug test data analysis software. This latest release provides more reliable curve fitting techniques and an expanded set of well and aquifer testing solutions that will dramatically improve the way hydrogeologists, environmental consultants and government agencies estimate hydraulic properties of aquifer systems.

AquiferTest Pro v.2010 offers “one-click” display of type curves and manual edits with the mouse that allows users full control to accurately match time-drawdown data, saving time and improving the quality of the analysis. A suite of derivative smoothing methods allows for easier identification of the aquifer properties, well effects and boundary conditions, ensuring that the most appropriate solution method is selected for the test. It is now possible to conduct a more rigorous assessment of hydraulic properties under unique conditions such as horizontal pumping wells, well skin effects and slug tests in high conductivity formations. The improved Neuman analysis for unconfined aquifers showed a 90 times increase in performance over the previous versions.

“This release is built for hydrogeologists specializing in the estimation of aquifer properties and numerical modeling of the hydrogeologic environment,” said Martin Draeger, marketing manager, SWS. “Groundwater models require input values for hydraulic conductivity and storativity, often derived from pumping test and slug test analysis. With the improvements to curve-fitting techniques and derivative analysis in AquiferTest Pro, this will lead to more accurate estimates of these aquifer parameters, which provides for more confidence in the values assigned to the numerical model.”

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