Scotland turns whisky 'leftovers' into biofuel for cars

In what is claimed to be a world first, a Scotland-based independent malt whisky producer will start using bacteria to feed on the "leftovers" from the booze making process in order to produce fuel for cars.

The deal between Celtic Renewables, a spin-out company from Napier University in Edinburgh, and the Tullibardine distillery in Perthshire is to jointly produce butanol, a direct replacement for vehicle fuel, reports Silicon News.

Most of what comes out of a whisky distillery is not whisky. It is high in sugar output currently used as fertilizer and for cattle feed.

The project is backed up by a grant from the Scottish government's Zero Waste Scotland initiative.

Celtic Renewables plans to eventually build a processing plant in Scotland, with the hope of building an industry that could be worth over $97 million a year.