Scrubbing increased gold recovery by 25% at Bonte!

Bonte Gold Mines, Ghana.  3.0m dia x 8.0m long washer barrel to process 350 t/h of terrace alluvial gold ore containing up to 60% clay interspersed with quartz boulders up to 600mm in size.

The gold content of approx. 0.5g/tonne was intimately associated with the clay fines.

Gold recovery was less than 70% due to lack of full clay dispersion and consequent loss of gold particles tied up in clay ball agglomerates and residual clay coatings .

This machine was replaced with a Sepro 3.0m dia x 8.0m long heavy-duty ore scrubber, which immediately increased gold recovery to over 95% and subsequently maintained this recovery at an increased feed rate of 700t/h.

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